APE 2020
Academic Publishing
in Europe Nr. 15
the Change -

APE 2020 Full Conference:
14-15 January 2020 Berlin

13 January 2020 Berlin

Driving the Change - together!
Program (in Preparation)
APE 2020 Full Conference
Berlin, 14-15 January 2020

Driving the change - together!
Less Satellite Navigation, more Collaboration!

We are in an age of change. Scholarly publishing needs embrace and be energised by what is possible and to acknowledge and listen to new demands by all our stakeholders. Collaboration is key – only then can we drive change, developing better ways to support a high quality, efficient system for communicating the outcomes of research. In this year’s conference we bring different perspectives together to think about how we tackle key issues and make progress.**

Speakers will examine what this new course might look like and whether it will it complement or replace existing routes to scholarly communication. Will it offer new opportunities for publishers and what might they be? Should publishers invest more to prove their value in scholarly communication and how might they do this or is their value better communicated by their actions?

The Pre-Conferece Day on Monday, 13 january 2020 is devoted to LEARNING.

Conference venue is the Leibniz Hall in the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. The Program is being developed by a high level Program Committee (see Committee). In the course of October we will unveil the complete program with the usual actuality and originality.

APE Conferences are well known for offering a broad perspective, varying from the basics of academic publishing, reputation, reliable quality, reproducibility, the role of peer review, sustainability, funding, information infrastructure, open data and open science, more dot.coms to watch and further projects to discover. As always, the APE Lecture will be given by a promiment speaker.

The Conference Dinner in the 'Refugium' is one of the highlights of every APE Conference.

There will be enough room for discussions and meetings with (new) friends and colleagues…

Please click here for Program in Preparation