APE 2020
Academic Publishing
in Europe Nr. 15
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APE 2020 Full Conference:
14-15 January 2020 Berlin

13 January 2020 Berlin

APE 2020 Program Committee

Kent R. Anderson

Redlink Inc., Caldera Publishing Solutions, Westborough, MA.

Dr. Rafael Ball

ETH Library, ETH, Zürich

Dr. Anke Beck

IntechOpen, London

Dr. Georg W. Botz
Senior Advisor

Open Access Policy, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG), Munich

Rachel Burley
Vice President

Open Publishing Innovations, Springer Nature, New York

Robert M. Campbell

APE 2020 Program Committee, Oxford

Dr. David Crotty
Editorial Director

Journals Policy, Oxford University Press, New York & Executive Editor, The Scholarly Kitchen

Prof. Dr. Andreas Degkwitz

University Library, Humboldt University zu Berlin

Annika Dirks
Director Public Affairs

Springer Nature, Berlin

Dr. H. Frederick Dylla
Executive Director Emeritus

American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD

Dr. Einar Fredriksson

IOS Press, Amsterdam

Arnoud de Kemp
Founder & Organizer of APE

Co-Editor-in-Chief, "Information Services & Use"

Anne Kitson
Managing Director

Cell Press and The Lancet, Elsevier,Oxford

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch
Executive Director

German Chemical Society, Frankfurt am Main

Michael Mabe

International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM), The Hague and Oxford

Dr. Liz Marchant
APE 2020 Program Co-ordination

Editorial Director, Environmental & Earth Science Journals at Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford

Miles McNamee
VP of Global Sales

HighWire Press, Los Gatos

Dr. Salvatore Mele
Head of Open Access

CERN, Geneva

Eric Merkel-Sobotta
VP Communications & External Affairs

De Gruyter, Berlin

Dr. Bernd Pulverer
Chief Editor

Head of Scientific Publications, The EMBO Journal, EMBO, Heidelberg

Dr. Ralf Schimmer
Director, Scientific Information Provision

Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL), Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Munich

Dr. Eefke Smit

Standards and Technology, International Association of Scientific, Medical and Technical Publishers (STM)

Prof. Dr. Christian Sprang
Legal Counsel

German Association of Publishers and Booksellers (Börsenverein), Frankfurt am Main

Wim van der Stelt
Strategic Relations Director

Springer Nature, Doetinchem

Dr. Philippe M.A.B. Terheggen
Managing Director

Journals, Elsevier, Amsterdam

Dr. Eva Wille
VP Executive Director

Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim